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H2RO - DB Series - Reverse Osmosis Drinking System

H2RO, the "unbottled" drinking water system removes 90% of the contaminants in your tap water. H2RO offers you the convenience of drinking water dispensed from a special faucet with the quality of bottled water. The H2RO Drinking Water System utilizes the technology of Reverse Osmosis to cleanse your tap water. Not a softener. Not a gadget filter. You WILL find it an important investment due to its exceptional difference The H2RO Works! This unit produces great tasting water inexpensively. Bottled water companies are not regulated so you have no idea where the water came from or how pure it is. It is also an expense that quickly adds up. Their water is usually no more than R.O. which can cost more than a $1.00 per gallon. You can produce the same water for only pennies per gallon. Steam distillers use lots of electricity and requires much cleaning. It is also a flat tasting water that lacks important nutrients because of the heating process. Here is a test, take some of your tap water and boil it completely and notice what is left in the bottom of the pan. That substance is lime (calcium carbonate) and is found in most all ground water. This is used to make cement and glue. It is inorganic, meaning the body cannot use it. Most is passed out but some stays and builds up. Overtime this build up can cause many health problems especially in the joints. Most city tap water contains a powerful chemical to kill bacteria, its chlorine and if you can smell it, it will probably kill the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. Another chemical added to most city water is sodium fluoride. This "same" fluoride is also used in higher concentrations as a roach and rat killer and pesticide. R.O. units will help to remove many of these unwanted substances. NOTE: R.O. and distillation units remove many beneficial minerals from the water. I add Liquid Ionic Trace minerals to my water. It is an excellent mineral supplement for the body! Benefits of un-bottled H2RO! ECONOMY Bottled water sells for over $1.00 a gallon. H2RO quietly and automatically produces 36 gallons of drinking water a day with significant savings. CONVENIENCE H2RO can be installed in an out-of-the-way spot, yet still be readily available from the dispensing faucet on your sink. TASTE A refreshing taste containing freed oxygen with a touch of minerals. Not the flat taste of distilled water. WHOLESOME QUALITY Removes 70-99 percent of contaminants including Excessive Minerals, causing bad tastes and odors. Sediments, Salts, Chlorine, Rust, Iron, Sodium, Mercury, Insecticides, Detergents, Lead, Asbestos Particles, Arsenic, PCBs, Nitrates, Organics, Radium. COOL, CLEAR WATER Are you substituting costly beverages for lack of good water? Mixing instant concoctions to mask water taste and odor? Buying bags of ice? H2RO will make the difference. By itself as a refreshment; for better tasting ice-cubes; or as the three cans added to your favorite concentrate. Simply enjoy quality water. FOR YOUR SPECIAL WATER NEEDS Use H2RO - for pets, plants, aquariums, car batteries, steam irons, and photo developing. IN THE KITCHEN With H2RO, eliminate the chemical soup in your tap water and you'll discover new rich flavors in all your cooking, instant or homemade. Use for special preparation of low sodium diets. For fresh brewed pots of coffee or tea. Good flavor and good taste DO make the difference. WHAT IS REVERSE OSMOSIS? REVERSE OSMOSIS is a technical breakthrough initially developed by the U.S. Government to provide fresh drinking water for the Navy. The Reverse Osmosis process uses waterline pressure to push raw tapwater against a special semi-permeable membrane. In this sophisticated molecular squeezing process, H2O molecules tend to seperate from the contaminants in your tap water. The water molecules then pass thru to the inside of the membrane, and on to the reservoir - ready for your fresh daily use. The rejected particles and contaminants are washed from the membrane and down the drain.


H2RO - DB Series - Reverse Osmosis Drinking System
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