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Super Oxide Mini Alkalizer

Super Oxide Water Non-Chemical Sanitizing from Ordinary Tap Water and NaCl Batch type system separates water into 2 chambers; one creates acidic water for skin disinfectant and the other alkaline for drinking. These water machines work by placing a pinch of salt into each chamber, fill with water, and in 15 minutes you will have created a 2.5 pH acidic water that is used for disinfecting in a wide variety of clinical, industrial, and personal applications. The best astringent water available. A socially responsible and environmentally friendly technology, the portable super oxide water system produces water with a pH of 2.7 or lower and a millivolt measurement (which measures the oxidation potential) of +1,100 or higher. Super Oxide water kills bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact. For this reason Super Oxide water has proven successful in the Soviet Union and Japan where it is used in hospitals, medical and dental clinics, on crops and in green houses, in food processing areas and restaurants. Easy to produce and cost effective. Super Oxide water is most importantly environmentally friendly. Kills fungi and microorganisms Sanitizes and disinfects Etches and cleans Kills bacteria and sanitizes Soil remediation How our Alkalizers Work Summary Our bodies are comprised of over 65% water and recent studies have shown that we don't drink enough and the quality of this life-sustaining liquid is highly questionable in both tap and bottled water. Tap water is showing more contaminants than ever before and bottled water is one of the most unregulated items on store shelves, often containing harmful plastic by-products and possessing a pH level that is unacceptable to the human body. Our "biological terrain" operates within a very narrow pH range; that's the degree of acid/alkaline balance, for the uninitiated. pH is measured from 1-14, with 7 being the neutral point. Below 7 is acid and readings above 7 are alkaline. A healthy, youthful body has a pH of 7. 5 in the tissues and organs and an ideal pH of 7. 45 in the blood. If these levels change by even a half point, it can mean disease or even death. This is why scientists and health experts are now referring to the term "biological age" versus chronological age. The primary cause of aging is oxidation. (free radical activity) Our water ionizes reverse that process by adding electrons (anti-oxidants). This free-radical scavenging process actually slows the aging process when you create your own high quality, electron-rich, delicious, mountain spring water right at your own tap! How Water Ionizing Works Japanese scientists have discovered how to separate ordinary tap water into both acid and alkaline. By simply filtering and then running the water by platinum coated electrodes with positive and negative charges on them, they have "parted the waters" into that used for drinking and cooking (alkaline) and the water best used for your skin and plants (acidic). The alkaline water can be adjusted to suit your needs by the push of a button, giving you the ionized water found only in waterfalls and high mountain streams. Japanese hospitals have used these machines for over 40 years to reduce complications from arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even more debilitating diseases. Alkaline minerals are also called electrolytes because they conduct electrons. Our body is an electrochemical laboratory. If we get overly acidic, our cells can no longer communicate and disease sets in. If you stay alkaline, you can maintain good health. Small clustered water absorbs up to 6 times more efficiently in the body. The acid water, created at the same time at slightly less than a gallon per minute (GPM) has been shown to be very hydrating to the skin and is the dominant ingredient in many hair and skin care products. It's great for rinsing your hair and skin after a bath or shower and plants love it since most soil is acidic.

Super Oxide Mini Alkalizer
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