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Note: We also carry this unit in 220 volt for overseas use.

Call for prices - 888-473-2141, if you get our voice mail please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.. If you find a lower price than ours on the internet we encourage you to go the this link (click here) and fill out the form.  Be sure and see the letter (below) from a customer who works at a city water plant to see what they put in most city water.

The Pure Water Mini Classic CT Water Distiller is constructed of high quality stainless steel for years of dependable service with a minimum of care. The boiling chamber is removable for easy filling and cleaning. The distilled water it produces is sent though a carbon filter and never touches plastic. The one gallon glass collection bottle is removable for storage in your refrigerator. The compact design of the Pure Water Mini-Classic CT allows counter top storage.

Produces 0.8 gallons of 99.9% pure distilled water in 3.5 hours, at a cost of around 25 cents per gallon. Includes one carbon post filter Made in USA. Width: 13.75" Depth:10" Height: 15.875" Weight: 30 lbs.

See the bottom of this page for accessories





Chemicals in City Drinking Water

We sold a water distiller to a person in Ohio awhile back and he told me he was buying it because he worked in a city water treatment plant. He told me that it was not really a water plant anymore; it was a chemical plant. I asked him to write me a letter and explain what was put in their city drinking water so I could put it on my website. Below is what he wrote in his letter.


These chemicals are used for processing surface water. Other water plants use these and more, depending on what part of the country you live in and what they are trying to remove from the raw water. The amounts are expressed in milligrams per liter. There are 3.785 liters to 1 gallon.



Aluminum Sulfate: Liquid or Alum 55mg/L. This is used to settle most of the silt or mud in the water at the beginning of the process. Most settles out in the first stage of processing.

Chlorine Gas: about 4.5mg/L. This is used to kill harmful bacteria and remains in the water. (Toxic)


Lime: This will vary depending on how much dirt is in the water when you start. About 80 to 100mg/L of lime is settled in the later stages of purification. I say most because we are not required to test the amount of residual lime in the water.

Fluorosilicic Acid: 1.0mg/L is added so you will have fluoride in the water to help prevent tooth decay. Click on the following link to see a video about how the Media is recognizing the perils of Fluoridated Water. (Toxic)

Zinc Ortho Phosphate or Zinc: 1.6mg/L. This is added to keep impurities in the water in suspension so they don't settle out in the city's main lines and clog them.

These chemicals are added to every liter of water processed. When you understand there are 80 to 100 million gallons processed every day in the summer months, you can see there are tons of these chemicals used every day. Water plants in the Southwest use additonal chemicals to treat their water.

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