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Hurom HU100 Demo Unit

We have one Hurom for sale, it is the one we used for our test. It has only been used 1 time. See our test results below.

Due to the large number of people asking about the new Hurom HU-100 Juicer and the fact Hallelujah Acres is now endorsing it we decided to buy one and put it to the test. Keep in mind the Hurom and Omega VRT330 Juicers are made in the same factory in Korea, using many of the same parts.  So the juicers are virtually identical, they operate exactly the same, and yield the same amount of juice.

The results of our tests did not surprise me due to the fact nobody else is offering extraction tests. We took 2 pounds (total weight) of ready to juice organic carrots. We ran them thought the Hurom HU100 and we also ran the exact same amount of carrots through the Solostar ll juicer (another single auger slow turning machine). Keep in mind the Green Star 2000 juicer extracts a little bit better than the Solostar. The Green Star 5000 extracts slightly better than the GS2000. We used the fine screens with our tests. When juicing with the Hurom we did notice how thick the juice was coming out of the chute. We ended up getting 15 ounces of carrot juice/pulp with the Hurom, after straining we got 11.5 ounces of pure juice.  With the Solostar ll we noticed much less pulp in the juice and after it was strained we got 16 ounces of pure juice.  So we ended up with 4.5 more ounces of juice with the Solostar per 2 lbs of carrot.  

After juicing the carrots we juiced nearly equal amounts of celery and spinach in both machines. When finished we had at least 3 times more pulp in the juice with Hurom. We decided to look at the savings here with a Solostar vs. the Hurom/Omega. We calculated you gain about 4.5 gallons more juice (with Solostar) per year when juicing 5 lbs of carrot per week.  If you figure $1.25 per 1 lb. pack of organic carrots and you juice 5 lbs. per week you save about $128.00 per year, if you use 10 lbs of carrot per week the savings is about $255.00, 15 lbs. of carrot per week saves about $383.00 per year, that is the cost of the machine. This does not take into the fact of the saving when juicing green leafy and celery like we did.  So the bottom line is you can buy a Solostar ll for at least $100 less money and you could buy the Green Star 2000 for slightly more money than the Hurom plus you get that entire extra juice savings. When buying a juice extractor I would certainly think one of the most important things you should look at is how well they extract juice.

When we did the clean up for the first time it took us at least twice as long to clean the Hurom as it did the Solostar ll.  The only two advantages I could see with the Hurom is it tends to pull produce down into the machine so there is less effort involved when juicing and the other advantage is it takes up just a little less room than most other juicers. The advantages certainly don’t out way the disadvantages.



Hurom  HU100 Demo Unit
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